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Success pills

Workshops increasing qualifications of employees are necessary in each organization. However, the companies cannot always afford long trainings lasting several days. Currently, one of the most interesting solutions allowing to enrich the set of development tools that is also an intensive and practice form of transferring information, are workshops called pills. During the training which lasts only 4 hours participants gain condensed knowledge about a given area of soft competences. Such a method is excellent for production companies, where the production process cannot be stopped and because of this the time for a workshop is a lot shorter. Pills do not only allow to save a lot of valuable time, but they are also cheaper and faster form of training big groups of employees.

Deciding for workshop pills one should take into account that the time is limited and the training’s form may lead to difficulties in solving group exercises. The participants may have problems with getting to know each other and the trainer during just a few hours. As an independent for of training, pills do not support preserving information. Therefore they do not allow to maintain the knowledge gained during workshops for a longer period of time.

Hence, you should remember that such workshops are worth recommending to the employees, but not in every case. They are perfect as an element of a bigger development process that, if properly planned, can take into account time limits of the company, and simultaneously thy allow the participants to strengthen the new skills.  It is important to pay attention to areas and needs of employees development, when it comes to choosing the best training method.