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ESF Experience

FPL supports development of people and organisations through cooperation with companies and managers that – just like us – prize commitment, effectiveness, are ready to take on challenges and while thinking about the future, think about the people, whose competences shape that future. The result of such cooperation is a comprehensive performance of projects under ESF that are aimed at employees development. FPL gained experience in that matter thanks to implementation of several development projects for leading Polish companies, while incurring the total responsibility for the application, and then for the implementation, training, coaching, management and settlement of the project.

In the period 2004-2013, FPL carried out 23 training projects under Sector Operational Programme Development of Human Resources and Operational Programme Human Capital, for companies such as Bacha, TRW, Bader, Parker, Sita, Atlas, Inves-Bank, S.C. Johnson, Henkel, Organika. The total value of the projects acquired by FPL equals over 38,5 million PLN. Our experience consists of both the number of trained people and training days.


European Social Fund

Considering the sum of projects cofinanced by the ESF and the amount of grants gained for the companies trained by us, we are one of national leaders. FPL received an honourable title THE BEST INVESTMENT IN HUMAN in the contest Good ESF practices, organised by the Minister of Regional Development.

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