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About us

Thanks to inspiring in development, we influence our environment and build potential of business pioneers.  Since 1994 values such as development, professionalism, influence, responsibility, creativity and altruism have been guidelines for us and over 999 companies including biggest Polish and international enterprises.


FPL creates and implements systems of shaping attitudes and skills. This can be noticed in our basic activity that encapsulates Emotional Intelligence, Managerial Development, Sales Force Development and HR Development Support System. Our way of improving people and organisations is based on an innovative and complex attitude towards development process directed on apt choice of competences as well as their necessary development and permanence in time.  




As a team of trainers, coaches and consultants we are, most of all, business practitioners and this fact determines our attitude towards tackling challenges. We are well aware of the importance of finding the right perspective and asking the right people the right questions, as well as getting the right answers from them. We see cooperation as an honest relationship based on open communication and common vision of goals that we want to achieve with our partner. FPL’s work has been prized in the business environment ever since its establishment. One of our particularly valuable awards is  The Best Investment in People in the contest Good ESF Practices organised by the Minister of Regional Development. This award confirms high quality of ESF projects that have been carried out by FPL since 2004.

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