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Emotional intelligence (EQ) is an ability to manage emotions in an intelligent way that supports gaining the best possible outcomes of each career accomplishment and personal success. Emotional intelligence can be constantly developed through improvement of EQ competences.

FPL EQ® is the only in Poland authorial system of evaluating and developing emotional intelligence in organisations and it is dedicated for both managers and employees.





Psychological competences


They are included in the first of the three groups
of FPL EQ® competences. Psychological competences
are crucial for development of emotional intelligence thereforeFPL EQ® emphasises them in particular.







FPL EQ competences

  suitable to the job


Matching FPL EQ® competences to the work position
is a requirement of the effectiveness and satisfaction from the job. FPL EQ® develops having regard to specificity of the job.







FPL EQ influences


of organisational culture


Emotionally intelligent employees of each level
deliver measurable business outcomes.
FPL EQ® shapes organisational culture and builds its image.




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