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Cognitive styles are a habitual way of information reception and processing that influences a person’s specific manner of acting and communicating.

FPL CS® is an authorial method that emphasises the importance of cognitive styles in organisations’ functioning. FPL CS® enables recognising these styles and to using the natural cognitive abilities to build a culture of effective communication.




 Immediate application


FPL CS® facilitates quick recognition of cognitive styles and immediate application of this knowledge in order to improve interpersonal communication. FPL CS® method takes into account the practical need of improving the quality of relations between people.







Through effective

persuasion to engagement


The ability to recognize cognitive styles enables to comprehend how other people perceive the world. FPL CS® allows to pick out such a method of communication that will encourage and motivate others in the most effective way.






FPL CS®The right person

for the right job


The knowledge based on FPL CS® impacts the apt matching of people and their jobs. The awareness of cognitive styles allows to reduce costs resulting from mismatch between a person and their job and the team.



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