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FPL PV® is an authorial method of building motivation and improving organizational culture through recognizing the work values of employees.

Thanks to recognizing the priority values of the workers, managers gain a firm basis for a more apt fitting people to work positions as well as such formulating tasks that motivates employees to do them. Conscious referring to values builds the desired organisational culture and shapes attitudes of the workers that supports getting better business outcomes.

This all enables effectiveness management in an organisation, and the workers gain a firm sense of their own subjectivity in the company that directly influences the level of their commitment.





Recognizing the sources

of motivation


FPL PV® allows to verify whether the work values of an employee are in accordance with the tasks they are supposed to carry out, and whether these jobs will be completed with expected commitment.







About values in the

language of facts


The set of values that serves as a basis of FPL PV® method is the key to diagnose hierarchy of employees’ values. Relying on these values determines the efficiency of shaping attitudes and developing effectiveness.







Converging personal

and organisational values


FPL PV® aids management of employees as well as recruitment process. It allows to match the values of workers and the company in such a way to make them consistent with the organisation’s expectations, mission and strategy.


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