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Development tools

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Workshops are one of the basic tools used in implementation of FPL wave®. They enable development of individual and team potential of employees. Courses conducted as a part of the workshops build the participants’ commitment, leading to increased effectiveness of activities of the entire organisation. Each workshop is tailored to specific needs of both the organisation and its employees, and its implementation concentrates, most of all, on practical improvement of competences and attitudes shaping. Thanks to this, the workshops efficiently influence achievement of goals in the following stages of development process.



Obligations that build results 


With each participant we elaborate
personal development obligations and we make sure that they build engagement
and support the achievement of optimal results.






Tailor-made strategy


Thanks to acquiring new skills, each participant
is supported by an individual implementation strategy
that enables the full use of these new competences.






Working on the participants’ challenges


Workshops are part of the process of leveling
diagnosed competence gaps and developing skills
which allow tackling specific professional challenges.



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