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Coaching as an element of the FPL wave® development process, is conducted in order to elaborate individual, desired changes and to develop personal competences, particularly with regard to key employees of the organisation. The effectiveness of coaching as a tool enabling shaping attitudes and improving skills, either individual or group, is based on setting up a creative situation leading to activity that agrees with the development goals. Thanks to systematicity of coaching sessions, elaborated attitudes provide benefits in various aspects of the entire organisation’s functioning, systematically increasing its effectiveness.



Causes – the key to effects


Coaching in FPL’s terms concentrates more on causes.
It helps to find the deepest sources
of internal motivation and guides through the way of desired changes.






Three elements of effectiveness


Firstly, ‘mirror’ – to better know one’s self.
Then, motivation – to make people want to improve themselves.
And tools – to work out changes.






More than coaching sessions


Each following coaching session
effectively brings closer to the pursued goal,
enriching already achieved results with new values.



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