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Development tools

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FPL Time Platform


Webinars – technology fully customized for Development




 Allow participants and trainers exercising with the training materials at the same time, without obligatory presence in the training room.

Enable web conferences and presentation viewing with simultaneous discussion and commentary.

 Provide interactivity of the development process, strengthen its attractiveness and  efficiency.




On-line trainings – convenient journey through the path of Development


 On - line training


Are an economical and effective form of strengthening knowledge and skills.

Enable maintaining high level of participant’s commitment after having conducted workshops.

 Provide possibility of individual assimilating large amounts of training material.




On-line tests – keeping a finger on the pulse of Development


On - line tests


Facilitate diagnosing competence gaps and adapting the development process to the Leeds of participants.

Allow systematic assessment of training results and feedback.

Enable verification of acquired knowledge in each stage of competences improvement.



Phone conferences – together about Development



 Provide possibility of ongoing consultations on the content of training.

Are an opportunity to learn and improve competences with making use of other participants experiences.

Enable contact and strengthening acquired effects in every place, even without access to computer.




e-Mails – electronic post on service of Development




Provide guidance to perform simple but significant exercises .

Playing the role of motivator, remind about important development issues.

Inform participants about the important issues in a specific stage of development process and indicate next steps on the way to achieving goals.



SMSs – short messages about Development


Motivate to being active In the development process and entourage to use the acquired skills.

Remind about exercising in the place of work in everyday professional situations.

In a simple and convenient manner provide impulses to develop and strengthen acquired competences.