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Development tools

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Additional tools


 FPL wave® model includes various tools constituting a consistent system enabling performance of actions that are a part of development process. In effective support of competences improvement in an organization and building its potential, expert tools for selection of employees, accurate assessment of skills, identification and development of talents or determining career paths, can be particularly useful. 



Assessment Centre/Development Centre

 These tools, if used properly, are a perfect way to build an organisation’s effectiveness of development process – Assessment Centre enables, above all, coherent balancing of employees’ competences, facilitates recruitment and employees selection, as well as building career paths. On the other hand, Development Centre provides basis for determining employees’ full capacity and priorities in their further professional development.




Interim evaluations

Correctly built and used system of interim evaluations is an ideal tool of making annual summary of work, diagnosing and building commitment, as well as planning employees development and individual career. Making such evaluations helps in HR decision making, determining promotions, wages or awards for special achievements. The more the evaluation is an integral part of the organisation’s system of values, the greater are the benefits.




Job positions description

Choosing appropriate tools of job positions descriptions is crucial for the effective functioning of the system of competences management and job evaluation – the more detailed and better tailored to an organisation’s development strategy is such description, the higher value it has for the employees, and employment policy decisions made by managers are more accurate.




Job evaluation

For the quality of job evaluation it is particularly significant to apply such tools that allow employees to participate in this process, and simultaneously enable evaluation of the job position in the context of competences that are assigned and presented in the position in question, rather than linking it to a specific person.




Recruitment and employees selection

Canvassing of employees and their apt assignment to the tasks being performed, as well as improvement of the recruitment process itself, is possible thanks to using the dedicated tools, tailored to the organisation’s system of competences management, that take into account the job position description and individual competences profiles.



Organisational audit

Independent assessment of an organisation, particularly in the key aspects of its business condition, is a task requiring both experience and responsible selection of appropriate tools. The best of them guarantee accurate and thorough diagnosis of the actual and desired state. Simultaneously,  these tools lead to solutions that enable effective implementation of the recommended changes in procedures or system functioning – and meeting the challenges of the future.