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For over 25 years we have been designing development processes
tailored to the specific needs of a given organization.


With full responsibility and awareness, we recommend cooperation with a such strategic advisor as FPL.

Wojciech Orzech
President of the Management Board


Cooperation with FPL brings both measurable effects and satisfaction from joint activities.

Renata Święcicka
Human Resources Director


I recommend FPL as a professional and reliable partner in training, development and consultancy programs.

Agnieszka Sarnowska-Szurgot
HR Manager

Design the development process in your company

Use FPL wave – our proprietary model for designing customized, maximally effective development processes. Thanks to the sequential approach to planning, the emphasis on adequate preparation of participants and the post-workshop skill consolidating tools, it guarantees high efficiency and long-term retention of new competencies.

Make use of the wide range of development tools

  • Surveys
  • Tests
  • 1 and 2-day workshops
  • 4h Mini-Form Workshop
  • 2h Skills Pills
  • Coaching and mentoring sessions
  • On-the-job tasks
  • E-mail inspirations
  • Text reminders
  • Quizzes
  • Process commitment

Base your development on unique

FPL EQ, FPL CS and FPL PV methods

We are leaders in the practical development of attitudes and competencies, therefore for the needs of the implemented processes, we have created three unique methodologies for the development of soft competencies, based on a professional diagnosis with psychometric tests.

FPL EQ Emotional Intelligence
10 emotional competences that diagnose and develop a person in three areas: Psychological (Me with myself), Praxeological (Me in action) and Social (Me with others).
FPL CS Thinking and Communication Styles
6 dimensions of thinking styles, supporting a person in the diagnosis of their own cognitive and communication preferences and increasing the competence to recognize the thinking styles of others.
FPL PV Professional Values
16 professional values ​​thanks to which we can discover our deepest motivators and on the basis of which we should build our own and others' commitment.

Case studies

Get inspired by custom development projects
created and implemented by FPL

Support in strategy implementation

Online strategy workshop for 500 managers (29 groups) of PKP Energetyka S.A.

PKP Energetyka S.A. Capital Group, owned by one of the largest investment funds in the world – CVC Capital Partners

  • To develop the Company strategy for 2020-2030 in PKP Energetyka CG, jointly with representatives of all organizational levels
  • To familiarize and build understanding of the strategy during the 3-day online meeting of the entire management and employee representatives
  • Building commitment in the participants of the meeting to implement the strategy
  • Prepare a plan for communicating and implementing the strategy to/from company employees
Target group
  • Managers at all organizational levels (400 people) and representatives of foremen, specialists and executive employees (100 people)
  • Understanding of strategy 2020-2030 by the participants
  • Increased commitment to the strategy by jointly working out the benefits of the implementation of the strategic programs and the areas that need to be taken care of
  • Establishing plans for communication of the strategy for the organizational areas and units
  • Defining individual action plans of participants in the area of strategy implementation
Course of the process:

Diagnosis and preparation:

  • Meetings of the Board of Directors and TOP 40 Managers working out the assumptions of the Strategy
  • Board Webinars clarifying the assumptions of the Strategy (Pillars, Programs, Initiatives)
  • Strategic workshops with the Representatives of all organization levels – developing bottom-up ideas for the Company Strategy
  • Appointment of Strategy Ambassadors from among the employees, aimed at supporting and strengthening the commitment of all employees to the implementation of the strategy
  • Cyclical meetings of the TOP 400 Committee managing the concept project and preparation of the meeting and online workshops on the strategy for 500 people
  • Conducting over 20 online workshops preparing for their functions within the online event (for Ambassadors, moderators, panelists and presenters)


Przygotowanie koncepcji, zarządzanie i moderowanie warsztatów podczas 3-dniowego eventu dla 29 grup i 58 podgrup warsztatowych w 2 obszarach:

  • Strategia i Programy Strategiczne:
    – Równoległa praca warsztatowa w grupach zróżnicowanych stanowiskowo, obszarowo i lokalizacyjnie, mająca na celu zrozumienie Strategii i wypracowanie korzyści z wybranych Programów
    – Efektem warsztatów była prezentacja podsumowująca wyniki dyskusji wszystkich grup w postaci korzyści z wybranych Programów Strategicznych, stanowiąca merytoryczną bazę dla paneli dyskusyjnych Uczestników
  • Komunikowanie Strategii:
    – Równoległa praca warsztatowa w grupach podzielonych obszarami biznesowymi, mająca na celu opracowanie planów zakomunikowania Strategii Pracownikom oraz zbudowania Ich zaangażowania do wdrażania
    – Efektem warsztatów była prezentacja podsumowująca plany komunikacji dla poszczególnych jednostek organizacyjnych i jej zaprezentowanie przez wybranych Menedżerów na forum 500 osób.

As seen by the Customer:

As many as 97.4% of the participants evaluated the workshops strategically positively, negative evaluations did not appear at all.

As many as 1/3 of the participants declared that they prefer the remote form of TOP 400 meetings.

Development of Production Managers

150 development pills on 15 topics for production managers from the furniture industry

International company from the furniture industry

  • Development of leadership competencies based on leadership levels and customer values
  • Increase in Leader engagement scores on the annual corporate Employee Opinion Survey
Target group

Managers and Masters – 10 training groups

  • Achievement of the objective of increasing the results of Leaders’ involvement in the Employee Opinion Survey in comparison to the result obtained before the start of the project
  • A very high level of average ratings in the field of workshop content (5.2) and the work of trainers (5.5) on a scale of 1-6
Course of the process:


Researching development needs through focus groups with participants’ superiors, HR and through telephone interviews with participants


Researching development needs through focus groups with the participants’ superiors, HR and through telephone interviews with the participants


  • Delivering 150 4-hour development pills on 15 development topics (78 workshop days in total)
  • Delivery of additional single day mentoring and integration workshops at the beginning of the Project
  • A series of coaching sessions for selected managers


  • System of post-training development commitments
  • Constant verification of the fulfillment of the commitments by the supervisors and trainers at the beginning of each workshop
  • Constant telephone contact of trainers with participants


  • Monitoring the fulfillment of individual commitments by the Supervisors and HR, with the support of the Trainer
  • Verification of participants’ satisfaction through post-training surveys
  • Content summary reports after each workshop

As seen by the Customer:

“Super workshop – anyone who manages people would benefit from it – effectively taught, lots of examples”

„New, interesting techniques and tools”

„The workshop allows the participant to understand the issues and improve relationships with employees”

Increased employee engagement

Development of 1100 managers by delivering 448 training days

One of the largest energy companies in Poland


To increase the commitment of Managers and Employees by an established specific indicator, in a company undergoing structural and organizational change

Target group

Managerial staff at all organizational levels – Department Directors, Plant Directors, Section Managers, Foremen – 1100 people

  • Increase in Employee Engagement Index above the previously set target
  • Increase in Managers’ knowledge and skills by 22% on average compared to the baseline survey
  • Increase in motivation and change of attitudes of Managers in difficult situations of organizational transformations
  • Extremely high average score for the quality of workshop content – 5.2, and the work of trainers – 5.6 (scale – 1-6)
Course of the process:


  • Analysis of internal company documentation, e.g. involvement survey, mission and vision statement, competence system
  • Investigation of development needs through:
    -structured telephone interviews with Superiors, HR and Participants
    -electronic Management Challenge Questionnaires for levels n-1, n-2 and n-3
  • 360 degree competency assessment for level n-1
  • Work observation of selected positions
  • Focus groups with participants at levels n-4 and their superiors


Each workshop is preceded by additional FPL tests or thematic articles or books


  • Completion of 448 days of training on 15 development topics
  • Support in cyclical meetings of TOP 400 managers
  • Implementation meetings in organizational units with participants and their superiors
  • A series of individual coaching sessions for selected Directors

System of post-training development commitments 

  • Constant telephone contact of Trainers with Participants as well as with HR and Superiors
  • E-mail exercises and reinforcements after each workshop topic
  • 12-month cycle of reinforcements (thematic inspirations along with knowledge tests)
  • Manager’s Vademecum – a set of techniques and tools necessary in the work of a Manager


  • Evaluation of competencies using the 360-degree method for all project participants
  • Knowledge tests
  • Continuous monitoring of completion of individual commitments
  • Verification of the satisfaction of the participants through post-training questionnaires
  • Cyclical Employee Engagement Survey

As seen by the Customer:

“The workshop was conducted in an exemplary manner, substantively, with a very high level of involvement of the instructor”

„Everything at the highest level!”

„Appropriate adjustment of training materials to the needs of participants”

Building organizational culture

Development of the entire management team of a European leader in sanitary technology

European leader in production of advanced sanitary technology


Build a new company culture based on the organization’s objectives and values after the merger

Target group

Directors and Bosses, Managers and Masters, Foreman) from 4 locations – 140 people

  • Very high average rating for the substantive quality of the workshop: 5,3
  • Changes in managers’ attitudes visible in their management style
  • Very high average rating of coaching competence: 5,7
Course of the process:


  • Analysis of internal company documentation
  • Research of development needs through structured telephone interviews with superiors, HR and Management Challenge Surveys


Each workshop preceded by additional FPL tests or introductory thematic materials


Delivering 58 days of training on 5 development topics


  • 49 days of implementation meetings to implement the acquired knowledge and post-training skills and to verify the degree of commitment fulfillment
  • Consolidation communication with tasks to be performed
  • Reminding and implementation texts


  • Periodic meetings with superiors and HR to monitor the progress of the project
  • Ongoing monitoring of individual commitments
  • Verification of participants’ satisfaction through post-training surveys

As seen by the Customer:

„Thank you for a very interesting training that I think will set me in the direction of what needs to change”

„More such effective trainings”

„One of the best trainings I have attended”

Sales force development

Implementation of a systematic sales process for Sales Representatives

Electrotechnical and electrical engineering company with nationwide reach


Learning an effective sales process and developing competencies in sales effectiveness

Target group

Group of Sales Representatives and their Supervisors

  • Knowledge test score above 80%, among 72% of Project Participants
  • Increase in Customer’s image indicators
  • Very high average rating of coaching competences: 5.8 on a scale of 1-6
Course of the process:


  • Interviews with Directors and selected Participants
  • Assessment of the Sales Team’s sales competencies through a proprietary FPL SCR questionnaire


Electronic Sales Challenge Survey for Participants


Workshops introducing the FPL Sales Sales Process and developing participants’ sales competencies


  • A 12-week online consolidation system
  • A system of post-training tasks and goals
  • Constant telephone contact between the trainer and the participants


  • Qualitative indicators: knowledge tests at the end of the project
  • Image indicators: Customer satisfaction survey to be completed by Customer
  • Performance indicators: periodic analysis of the number of acquired Customers and prepared offers
  • Trainer’s opinion and further development recommendations

As seen by the Customer

„The workshop provides very useful knowledge that is essential to the sales process”

„A new approach to scheduling visits with potential Customers”

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