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25 June 2021

Online workshops for 500 people at the same time

Or, how to successfully conduct 29 training groups at the same time in the online formula for one of the largest companies in Poland.

FPL had the pleasure to participate in and co-lead an unconventional – in terms of form and scale – online event for 400 people from the managerial staff and 100 representatives of foremen, specialists and executive employees of PKP Energetyka S.A. Group. – one of the leaders in the energy industry, owned by one of the largest investment funds in the world – CVC Capital Partners.

The purpose of the 3-day meeting was to familiarize Managers and selected Representatives of other organizational levels with the Company Strategy for 2020-2030, to create a basis for its understanding, to build commitment to its implementation and to prepare a communication plan for all employees of the company, as well as development by the Participants of their individual plans for implementation of the strategy.

The realization of the objective was carried out online through individual presentations in the forum, panel discussions, quizzes, surveys, voting and workshops, during which the participants familiarized themselves with key strategic programs, discussed their benefits, areas that need to be addressed in order to implement the strategy and plans for their communication within the organization.

It is worth emphasizing that the workshops were conducted simultaneously in 29 groups, divided additionally into 2 subgroups (58 subgroups in total), in two thematic areas: strategic programs and communicating strategies. Each of the 29 groups was supervised by a dedicated FPL Trainer, who at the same time supported two moderators of PKP Energetyka, who had been prepared by FPL to fulfill their role in the workshop subgroups.

During the workshops trainers and moderators used specially prepared tools, which on one hand increased their attractiveness, and on the other enabled to collect developed materials in real time. Thanks to this, the selected information could be presented very quickly in the auditorium parts of the meeting. One of our biggest challenges and, simultaneously time related achievements was to develop 14 summary presentations in less than an hour. There was a lot going on, but in the end it was done on time and with the intended result.

Participants’ thoughts about the new strategy of the company – summary of survey results

However FPL’s role was not limited to the conception and conducting workshops during the TOP 400 meeting. Many weeks before the event we were supporting PKP Energetyka S.A. Group in working out assumptions of the Strategy (Pillars, Programs, Initiatives) by participating in webinars with the Management Board and conducting strategic workshops with representatives of all organizational levels to work out bottom-up ideas for the Company Strategy. We also participated in periodic meetings of TOP 400 Committee managing the project, conception and preparation of TOP 400 event and the online workshop itself.

Before the event we proceeded to prepare all persons selected by PKP Energetyka to perform their functions during the meeting (Moderators to moderate the discussion, panelists to participate in the panel discussion, presenters to present the developed summaries, and strategy ambassadors, i.e. selected representatives of non-management personnel, to support and strengthen the involvement of all employees in the implementation of the Strategy). All the above-mentioned activities and ongoing effective cooperation with the PKP Energetyka managers at the preparatory stages and at the stage of realization of the event itself contributed to the success of the Project.

O sukcesie projektu świadczą wyniki ankiet oceniających:

  • as many as 97.4% of the participants evaluated the strategic workshops positively, negative evaluations did not appear at all;
  • as many as 1/3 of participants declared that they prefer the remote form of TOP 400 meetings.

Our customer faces further challenges in the field of communication and implementation of the strategy and monitoring the implementation in individual units of the company, in which, we, as a strategic partner of GK PKP Energetyka S.A. will continue to participate and provide developmental support to the organization.

To sum up, carrying out such a huge undertaking in today’s difficult COVID times is a great challenge, but its proper planning and execution allows you to fully realize the established objectives, work out solutions in large groups and involve hundreds of employees in a participatory way. The online form does not have to mean limitations. On the contrary, it opens up new possibilities for remote goal realization and indicates the future direction of organizing regular meetings. We recommend implementing such projects.

And what is your experience with similar projects? Do you think that online events of this kind are inevitable in the future? If you would like to share your thoughts with us, please write to us on LinkedIn or send an email to

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